Athletic Center

Athletic Center

Our service is unique and personalized.  You are not left alone or to yourself with the training devices – like at many other gyms.  Our qualified and experienced trainers stand at your disposal at all times.  Your training routine takes place under careful supervision. Incorrect exercise methods that can lead to undesirable developments or even injuries can be detected and corrected immediately.

For more than 30 years, the “Athletic Center” has helped women and men of any age to significantly improve their health, fitness, and feeling of well-being.  Our clients have improved their overall appearance and energy level and have been able to maintain these goals for a long time. 

As our client, you have the opportunity to participate in our diverse course offering or to let one of our nutrition- and fitness specialists create an individual exercise routine or nutrition plan for you - free of charge.  Just contact one of the personal trainers for information or advice.

The extensive and 20+ years professional experience of Mr. Nedzad Drpljanin, owner and the head of the Athletic Center, as well as that of the instructor teams provide an excellent foundation for your success.

Professional supervision with a personal touch and being able to help clients towards their individual success are particularly important to Mr. Nedzad Drpljanin.

A traditional, kind atmosphere in a facility with modern equipment, highly motivated and professional employees of the Athletic Center together with a healthy diet, form the basis for your long-term success.

Life provides us with two alternatives:  to make progress or to find excuses.

If you have decided to become a healthier, fitter, stronger, more powerful and beautiful, and successful individual – do not wait!  The Athletic Center Luxembourg – Sport and Fitness Center is the right partner for you!